#IWant a workplace
that opens doors

You want it and we do even more so. This is why we open the doors to 20 of Vienna’s top hotels in the 4 and 5-star segment. We are curious about your story and even more intrigued by your plans for the future. Find out for yourself why we are different from other employers, which hotel or career suits you best, and why jobs in the hotel industry offer so many opportunities – today and tomorrow. We are looking forward to you and your application!

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Endless opportunities.
Endless opportunities.

A hotel is where all kinds of talent, work fields, and qualifications come together. It is, in other words, the perfect place to find out what you are good at and where you want to go.

Great Team Spirit.
Great Team Spirit.

We value team spirit and want our employees to have fun in what they do. We promote this by offering
benefits, events, and appreciation for their contribution every day.

Stay flexible.
Stay flexible.

You may choose between full-time and part-time. We are flexible and want to create a job where you feel noticed and appreciated.

Workplace as favourite place.
Workplace as favourite place.

People always like to come back to beautiful places. How convenient when your own workplace in a hotel with unique surroundings is one of them. 

#IWant to be creative
in my work.

Doris, 24

#IWant to meet people
who inspire me.

Anil, 25

#IWant to make
people smile.

Rebecca, 19

#IWant to revitalise
Viennese tradition.

Lukas, 24

#IWant to work
and like my job.

Sasa, 47

#IWant to be proud
of my job.

Florian, 27

#IWant to work
on my future.

Robert, 19

#IWant to show
what I can do.

Felix, 24

#IWant flexible
working hours.

Eva, 58

#IWant a workplace
that opens doors.

Aline, 25

#IWant to meet
new people.

ThiDung, 25

#IWant a workplace
that knows no limits.

Bruno, 58

#IWant to make
people smile.

Elena, 24

#IWant to work
and like my job.

Sven, 45

#IWant to work where
people appreciate me.

Simona, 26

#IWant a workplace
that inspires me.

Nicoletta, 21

#IWant a job, and that's
just the beginning.

Rana, 17

#IWant people to have
a great evening.

Florian, 27

#IWant people to have
a great evening.

Hüseyin, 54

#IWant to be proud of
my accomplishments.

Micaiah, 21

An initiative of
Vienna’s top hotels

Over 20 hotels of the upscale luxury segment join forces for their future employees at tophotels.wien. This is the only way to create such a diverse range of jobs and career opportunities in various lines of work. It’s not only about applications but also about the standards we set ourselves – standards we only uphold by keeping an eye on the bigger picture.



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Hotel stories

First-hand information is always the best. For this reason, some of our colleagues are kind enough to tell us about their daily routine, exciting experiences, career opportunities, what makes their job at a 4 or 5-star hotel different, and what they plan for the future.

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